ABOVE: Ex-US Army Dodge weapons-carrier of type used by Zuleika Macsen. BELOW: Signs for The Ferry Inn at Brough-on-Humber.

(LEFT)    PETUARIA CLOSE’  in Brough-on-Humber.

(INSET) The ‘FERRY INN’  (Harbourside inn left; houses opposite align with position of Roman western defences.

LEFT: Behind locked gates is the former quarry where villa first found, Sept. 1941.

East YORKSHIRE - Brantingham
Scene of 1941 discovery of lost Roman mosaic - its 1948 theft
Villa found in quarry
to right of above wood

“I think we’d better tell Mister Watts about this” said George, who was always the strong-minded one. He stumped off to the shed by the quarry entrance serving as a site office. After a few words with the foreman, who came over to look, it was agreed he could get his bicycle and ride to Brantingham Post Office to use the telephone there....” (MOSAIC)