The author, here holding his copy of ‘MOSAIC’, is outside the gates of a former quarry at Brantingham, near Brough-on-Humber (Petuaria) - and once the site overlooking the river of a lost Roman villa first discovered in 1941 during WWII.

The location from which - 60 years before this picture - the larger of two mosaics workmen discovered then was stolen overnight, once a team of archaeologists attempted to recover the pair in 1948.

That still-unsolved crime behind his fictional recreation of it all in ‘MOSAIC’, and the springboard to ‘TWO-EIGHT-SIX’, his genre-busting sequel.

Our author with the pen-name of Clive Ashman describes himself as artist, writer, car mechanic and qualified lawyer. And on the principle of ‘write about what you know’, backgrounds certainly drawn on for both his novels available through us.

Clive says he enjoys book-signings as a great way to share his enthusiasm for periods written-about with keen readers. Folk whose informed insights into plot or background only add to what concepts or ideas his books contained on completion.

And we guess his VOREDA BOOKS-supported rally car (seen here in full flight, deepest Kielder Forest, Northumberland) might offer him the odd useful benchmark for high-speed action Clive describes so well in ‘TWO-EIGHT-SIX’, his thrilling sequel to ‘MOSAIC’.

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