“This is a game that could well get rough, Michael. The Establishment has a long memory, ways of getting you back….might see me as a target.”

“A target, Bill?”

“You heard it here first. Watch out for me, Mikey.

Someone needs to.”


Several years from now, in a Europe on the brink of financial, social and political meltdown, two Newcastle lawyers escape for their annual trip to Italy’s fabled road-race - the Mille Miglia’.  William Cariss, MEP and naval reservist, along with his good friend Michael Tryton, driving car ’286’. For old time’s sake and their bit of harmless fun, but why Bill keeps disappearing during the race won’t emerge till after its finish. As they struggle back to England through a world whose computers are ‘down’, its infrastructure failing, this struggle is only the start of it. Their prelude to discovering a Home Secretary’s minder or the Carabinieri are hardly the only ones who harbour old grudges ….want to dig up the past.


To another time, another era – one soon strangely familiar: AD 286, where a junior military tribune his admiral nicknames ‘Triton’ is drawn into an entire continent of social unrest. Monetary collapse and political crises, inflation and taxation. The flight of refugees and raiders from the sea, forced-march of armies. Where a mentor he so admires, Mausaeus Carausius; the Belgic river-pilot who defied an empire, commands whole fleets and legions; tries to transform Britannia into their island-refuge, separate from a rising sea of dangers.

    Asymmetric and awful: 286. The number that binds them, across two separate eras. Future or past, leave or remain, it amounts to the same. Two men against Europe, one woman between them - the huntress, Diana. What calculation save them?


“Men leave no mark on the sea and nor would I....”



T       The breathtaking ‘Brexit’ novel by Clive Ashman