“I enjoyed it (‘MOSAIC’) immensely.....the Roman part is very convincing  and Tryton’s struggle to get home after shooting down the Junkers is  wonderfully vivid and exciting.....utterly adrenalin-making!”     

(Christopher Roberts - back cover)

    “If you have ever read Margerite Youcenar’s ‘The Abyss’....or, more immediately relevant, her ‘Memoirs of Hadrian’, about the 1st & 2nd Century Roman Empire, you may well consider Clive Ashman’s ‘MOSAIC’  a worthy companion piece in its detailed understanding of the dilemmas confronting the magistrate of 4th century Petuaria (Brough), Marcus Januarius, who is beset by the savage and ever more effective raids of the Saxons (without sufficient weapons or troops to fend them off) and turbulent imperial politics which frequently erupt into bloody civil war. Clive Ashman cleverly draws us into the human drama of this ancient story through the adrenalin-packed 1940s tale of DI Michael Tryton, widowed by a German bombing raid on Hull, whose job it is to investigate the theft of a mosaic pavement discovered in a quarry in Brantingham, once belonging to Marcus Januarius.” ........“MOSAIC’ is an exceptionally powerful yet subtle novel, that provides a significant insight into what life was like during the late Roman Empire of Constantine by supplying a mass of modern-day parallels, and some extremely neat circularities in the plot...Highly recommended.”        

(Tim Hewtson - on amazon. & other sites)




I thought it was brilliant”

Bill B

So did I

Mrs T





This was the most brilliant read. It was so exciting and evocative that I got lost in the tale. I felt I  knew the characters - held my breath with anxiety when something was going to befall them, hoping for a happy outcome at every page turn.....Nothing dry about this book. I really hope Mr Ashman writes another tale. It was magic!”

(Mary Paterson, Edinburgh) amazon.co.uk

MOSAIC the novel